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Model Rail Baseboards

Custom made modular baseboard systems

Customer Testimonials

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance.

We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Hi David,

Baseboard arrived today in three extremely well packaged parcels.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome -I think it took me longer to unwrap than it did to put together!

The quality is superb and specification spot on.

I'm only sorry I don't do Facebook as I would give you a glowing review.

Many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards



I received my 10 x 4 ft baseboard on Saturday. I have to say that I'm delighted with product.

Dave even took off my folding attic stairs to get it into the loft.

He put it together for me where most places would just drop and go, fitted together perfect and all in all lovely product.

Well done Dave 

Cheers, Colin  


I'm an experienced modeller who moved to Ireland in 2013. My wife relocates frequently with her job and I needed to break up my previous layout before our move to Dublin. Since we're here for a limited period of time and my current modelling ambitions couldn't be completed in the 4 years or so expected, I felt I needed professional help to ensure that the next layout was built to a standard that will allow for it's safe and efficient transportation when the time comes to move again. I attended the Dun Laoghaire model railway exhibition in August, 2013 and saw Dave's stand. Dave was very helpful over the phone and via email and we set up an appointment immediately to discuss my needs. A quote was received the same day.

The brief was as follows:

Build and install baseboards

Install pre-built C&L Finescale scenic track Lay Peco Code 75 non-scenic track Electrify the whole layout to DC specifications

The baseboards were completed to a very high standard and on the date promised. If I had had to source the raw materials and tools myself, the boards would have been more expensive and I could never have done the work to such a level of precision.

The track laying and electrification was completed sporadically over the next year or so. Dave was very flexible in scheduling the work around my own highly changeable professional commitments. He delivered exactly what he said he would and on time. The track was laid very well and we were able to solve many of the inevitable teething troubles together. The electrics was also done to a highly professional standard. It was great being able to chat, and learn by osmosis, from a master craftsman. Dave deferred the "strategic decisions" to me and made the tactical ones himself, presenting me with solutions instead of complications.

All in all, I now have a fully functional model railway, completed to a professional specification at a very reasonable price and in a time frame I could never have contemplated if I'd been doing the work solo. I'm now looking forward to the fun of building the scenery at my own pace while having the pleasure of running trains whenever I want to (which is often!!). And I'll be able to take the whole thing with me whenever I'm forced to move. I'm delighted.

Would I recommend Model Railway Baseboards to a friend? Without hesitation.

Thanks Dave.


The final three packages, of five, arrived safely this afternoon. How carefully packed and they are excellent. Just what I required. I'll now have many years of happy modelling continuing from where I left off before I moved North to Scotland. They are a super design and will fit firmly together, thank you.

David, Scotland.

Clyde's layout

A Railway in the Office

I have a home-office and for many years I've dreamed about having a model railway running round the room. The idea was to support the line using modular shelving brackets, leaving space for desks and storage beneath. Well, that was the theory …

However, the required engineering was considerably more complex than I’d anticipated. After all, I thought, it’s just a model railway isn't it? How hard can that be? (Reader, I hear your hollow laughter.) I’d made several attempts to lay lines directly on shelves that ran down each side of the office, with a connecting baseboard to span the gap between the windows. The shelves were, well, off-the-shelf from the local DIY store, and the connecting baseboard was the the usual 2"x1" timber woodscrewed homemade effort. You know, the sort of thing you see all the time in Railway Modeller. This kind-of worked but a) the shelves were too thick for point motors and would've needed a whole layer of extra superstructure for gradients and b) the whole thing just looked terrible. My own attempts at careful carpentry had resulted in the worst bodge-job possible. Uneven legs and wires dangling from beneath the shelves summed up the overall aesthetic. And I planned to run lovely (expensive!) scale models atop this tottering engineering atrocity. Talk about ruining the effect. Oh, and I should’ve mentioned, there was also the matter of the door and the ‘lifting section’. Don’t ask.

So, after a couple of years of Beeching-style abandonment and encroachment by my son’s model aircraft collection, I pretty much despaired. I knew what I wanted, but how could I ever build it? I realised that this required tools, time and expertise that I just didn't have. Fortunately though, I didn't stop coveting other people’s layouts and I attended the Dun Laoghaire model railway exhibition. Which was where I met David and talked about Model Railway Baseboards. David had a couple of his standard boards on display and I realised straight-away that here was someone who knew what he was doing and could cut through the impasse and get the railway up and running. And what’s more the prices were excellent value particularly when compared with that rolling stock we all dream of running.

So, post the exhibition, David came round and we talked through what I wanted. I had a plan which was based on a two-level layout mirroring the crazy intertwining of the Midland and Great Central in the English Midlands. I wanted to combine some prototypical features with something that would also allow me to watch the trains go by as I sat behind my PC. Explaining this to a random woodworking person would have been nearly impossible (‘you want to do what?!’) whereas David grokked immediately what I wanted to do and made a number of sensible suggestions about what would be required to make it all work (lifting section for continuous running, corner pieces, legs, bolts, shims, strengtheners etc). Having tried and failed to build it myself I could recognise expertise when I encountered it.

Armed with a raft of measurements and my AnyRail plan, Dave went away and after some backwards and forwards with ideas we agreed a plan and a price and it was game-on. Three weeks later it was time to have the office ready for the great installation. But, it wasn’t until David rolled up with trailer in tow containing the baseboards, legs and other assorted pieces AND a veritable mobile carpentry workshop that I realised just how good a decision I’d made (and how doomed to defeat my attempts had been from the start). As soon as he began work it was clear that David had completely thought through the various problems that my design posed and had arrived at very elegant solutions to those problems. Solutions which allowed me to meet all of the original goals for both the layout and the office space. Continuous running. Lifting section. Multilevel. Hidden sections. All there and very very nicely implemented. Take a look at some of the photos below to understand what’s gone into it.

So would I recommend Model Railway Baseboards? Well, yes, obviously. But I’d go further and say that if you’re considering a ‘serious’ layout that has any degree of complexity you should take a look at what’s gone into turning my layout into a viable proposition (as opposed to a pipedream) and say to yourself ‘is this something I can do without?’. Before you ‘go DCC’; before you save up for that Deltic with sound and directional lighting think what’s the bit I MUST get right? The answer the baseboard! And I might add that I have no connection whatsoever with Model Rail Baseboards and I’d never met David before if my life. Just a very satisfied customer (and not someone who normally writes testimonials either!)

Clyde H, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

Noel Stroud,

From the outset David listened carefully to what I had to say. He was able to accommodate my ideas but gave good advice on the actual structure e.g. re the number and positioning of legs and how to avoid a radiator.

There was never any pressure to complete an order and David was readily available to discuss my requirements both via e-mail and at exhibitions in Clontarf and Stillorgan (both venues in Dublin).

I gave David a deposit on Saturday, 8th December and the tables, consisting of 8 units of 1200mm by 600mm and 1 unit of 600mm by 600mm, were in place on Friday, 21st December!

David drove approximately 120 miles on the said morning and was able to complete the required configuration in little more than one hour because his preparation was so precise.

This service can only be described as First Class and it is easy to establish that the cost compares very favourably with that quoted by other manufacturers. Add to this the speed and efficiency of completion and it is clear that David's work would be an asset to any railway modeller. 

Noel Stroud,

Co Antrim,

Northern Ireland