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Model Rail Baseboards

Custom made modular baseboard systems


All of our baseboards are made from MDF and are from a sustainable source. We use a furniture grade MDF that is much stronger and more stable than the MDF typically found in your local hardware.

We use MDF because it is very stable, unlike traditional baseboards that use softwood timber frame and are prone to warping as the wood dries out in a nice warm house.

MDF hardly moves, our torsion box design frame ensures that it will never warp, twist or sag.

The frames are made from 15mm MDF with a 9mm MDF top, the cross braces are approximately 300mm apart giving the top a strong perfectly flat surface.

All outside corners are are rounded off to ensure kids don't hurt themselves if they bump into them.

The baseboards are finished to a high standard, they are sanded with 240 grit leaving a very fine smooth finish.

For multiple baseboards we use alignment dowels to ensure the baseboards align properly and toggle clamps to pull the boards together.

The legs are made from 18mm MDF. Glued and pinned into an L shape they are immensely strong, each leg comes with adjustable feet. We don't use trestles as they take up a lot of valuable storage space under your layout and are harder to level.

We also make birch ply baseboards for exhibition use, price on application.

We specialise in complex modular baseboards, in different shapes and sizes.

6' x 4' baseboard.

Our most popular size board.

Supplied in 2 sections with 6 legs.

Easy to assemble.

€220 / £195

6' x 4' folding birch ply baseboard.

Ideal for those that don't have the space for a permanent layout.

€390 / £350

8' x 4' baseboard

Supplied in 3 sections with 8 legs.

€290 / £250

12' x 4' baseboard with backscene board with fiddle yard space behind.

12' x 6' baseboard.